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How You Can Help

Speak Up

Ask your local and national leaders what they are doing to safeguard your rights. Look at our Mission Statement. The more people asking questions, the more visible the issues.


Share our posts on social media. Share our website, Share our blog posts and our news feed. The more you share, the more visible we are and in turn the more we can do for you.


We are a self-funded organisation. We depend on our supporters to help us. Your donation no matter how big or small will help us to do our important work.

Advance the interests of LGB people – which we see as being in danger right now. We believe that attempts to introduce confusion between biological sex and the notion of gender are harming LGB people. One way to protect same-sex attracted people is, for example, to encourage organisations to record numbers of LGB employees separately to numbers of transgender employees. That information would enable the development of policies to ensure they really are equitable employers. The accuracy of such data is being undermined and will soon be lost completely as men self-ID as women and lesbians, E.g. Many organisations work hard, in good faith, to drive diversity. However, we believe they are being wrongly advised by powerful lobbying groups to ask whether people have ‘other sexual orientations’ such as Polysexual, Demiromantic or Unsure.. Sexual orientation is a protected characteristic in the 2010 Equality Act. 

Amplify the voices of lesbians – Lesbians experience additional discrimination as women whose sexual orientation is towards the same sex in a male-dominated society. The confusion between gender and sex means that lesbians are told they must accept that a transwoman is a woman as a matter of absolute fact.

The real-life impact of this is that a lesbian who does not want to form a romantic or sexual relationship with someone who is male-bodied but identifies as a woman is pilloried as a transphobe. Women who express these views may lose their jobs or face prosecution for a hate crime.

We believe that attempts to compel women to believe that male genitals can be female is a form of sexual assault, an attack on the rights of lesbians and a threat to their very existence.

Protect Children – We believe it’s wrong for children to be labelled masculine or feminine on the basis of clothing or play/activity preferences and in some cases to be led to believe that they might be ‘trapped in the wrong body’. These rigid gender definitions are deeply regressive and could possibly encourage body dysphoria. The numbers of children, particularly girls, seeking help has increased at an alarming rate. We believe that this is related to the rise of pseudoscience and increased misinformation about basic biology along with a rise in homophobia and anti-lesbian sentiment and lesbian invisibility. Too many young people are being prescribed powerful, experimental drugs that may have a long-term impact on their physical and mental well-being, which can also result in sterility. They may decide to undergo surgery that cannot be reversed.

Promote free speech – We will promote respectful freedom of speech and informed dialogue. We are not anti trans and fully support trans people in their struggle, for dignity, respect and a life lived free from bigotry and fear. However we believe that right now, as the loudest voice, the trans lobby enjoys a disproportionate influence.

We are committed to reasserting the rights of LGB people through constructive, positive and goal-oriented dialogue intended to deliver greater equality for all.

Our Campaigns

Campaign to

prevent the loss of sex based rights

To prevent the loss of women’s sex-based rights as protected in the 2010 Equality Act, which is of key concern to lesbians who want and need their own spaces.

Campaign against

notion of gender in education

To campaign against the inclusion of the notions of gender identity and multiple genders in the proposed sex and relationships curriculum at primary and secondary schools. These notions are not fact-based and can be especially confusing for gender non-conforming children who may later be LGB.

Campaign for

a seat at the table

To ensure that we have a seat at the table wherever decisions are being made that have an impact on LGB people.  At present those involved in consulting on LGBT concerns are fully on board with gender identity theory and the policy of rolling out self-ID.